Friday, April 6, 2012

Seeds like you never imagined...

carrot seeds
I have never ever even considered vegetable seeds before now. I barely even noticed them when I ate veggies where the seeds are in them like peppers and cucumbers but now that I have started this years garden off with seeds it really made me more aware of the seeds that later develop in to plants that bear fruit. A lot of the seeds are so TINY!!! I mean like, just trying to get a pinch will get you 10 seeds on your fingertips. Take these carrot seeds for instance. You can barely even see them. Imagine trying to plant one of these in a hole. Now I understand why the instructions say to surface sow and barely cover. LOL!!  These lettuce seeds are tiny but they still need to be sort of surface sewn too and they are easier to work with. I have a few more examples of seeds to show you. Notice that the onion seed looks like bits of tar or something. I never would have thought that and the Marigold flower seed is by far the most bizarre I have ever seen. I dont know what that looks like. Maybe mini brooms or something???

lettuce seeds
onion seeds

marigold seeds
cabbage seeds
broccoli seeds