Thursday, November 4, 2010

What holding onto anger does for you

Holding onto anger and resentment is dangerous. Does it pose a danger to the person(s) that you are angry with? No. Unfortunately not. You cannot make the object of your rage and resentment combust and turn into an inferno like the X-Man Cyclops just by giving them the evil eye. You wanna know who suffers? You. Yes thats right. You. Depending on who you are holding all this rage in for, they may not even be aware of your feelings and are going about their daily lives happily doing their own thing.

So what does being pissed off to no end at this person do for you? It destroys you. Literally. It makes you a bitter, hateful, miserable person. People can sense there is something going on with you and it will seem like there is a dark cloud that follows you around. Who wants to be around a person like that?

Well, what does harboring resentment and ill will towards a person that you are close to do to you? It does the same thing to you; it eats you up on the inside. Only this time the person that you have all these negative thoughts and feelings probably KNOW that you feel this way and after a time this begins to totally destroy your relationship(s).

Sometimes its hard letting the past go. Its hard letting things lie in the past. Sometimes its hard to let that destructive anger go, but if you want peace of mind and you don't want to push people away from you, just free yourself from it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More of my musical aint what it used to be

I love JB! I think he got slept on.

Some of my old school aint what it used to be

This is my JAM!!!!!!

This is my #1 favorite song of all time. Why? I dont know. I was about to graduate from high school and it was my favorite party song. But ummmm....who told Mary that black lip liner and goldish lipstick was the bidness?????

And this is my other #1 favorite song of all time. Yes you can have 2! LOL!!! This is my Happy song. No matter what kind of mood Im in this song makes me happy!

The whole Off tha Hook album was HOT!!!!

More to come.....

My Crock Pot Love Affair

Im very serious about my crock pots. I love them so much. We have such a wonderful tight bond with each other and I absolutely need at least one in my life. I used my first love so much that I loved it to death. He blew up one me. :( I hated to replace that love in my life but life must go on. Not only did I buy another one, but my dad gave me one so now that I have two of these bad boys I don't know what to do with myself.

Well.....yeah I do. Use both at the same time. I have beef chuck simmering in one and string beans in the other. Right before its time to eat I'll break out my new rice cooker ( I used that one to death too - may it rest in peace) and use some of the juice from the beef to cook the rice.

Ummm ummm UMMMMM this is gonna be good!

Monday, November 1, 2010

This is why the 80s should die

See, this is why the 80s should die. I mean, I know SOMEBODY is gonna think this is hot and its hot alright. A hot mess is what it is. Then it has the nerve to cost $18. I was just a little girl when Chlorox stained jeans with holes cut in them were the "in" thing. Even way back then I knew that was a travesty before the Lord to wear such atrocities. The 80s is the one fashion era that does not need to make a come back. I'd rather see the Civil War era  Scarlett O 'Hara home made curtain-looking dress making a comeback than this here. SMH.
I absolutely LOVE doing flexirod sets. I havent done any in a long while because I have not had a relaxer in over 6 months and I'm not sure if a forest of new growth and flexi rods go hand in hand.

Once I get a fresh relaxer I plan on revisiting one of my favorite styles.

This is how it held up after 5 days. Its a little frizzy but its still ok.

I made a You Tube tutorial on how to achieve this style.

I have NEVER been able to do a successful knot out. NEVER. This is as close to being done right that I have ever been.

The other night I did them on dry hair. I just put some of Qhemet Biologics stuff on it. I dont know what it is because the label is faded and I couldn't read it. This is how it turned out.

It was ok, but the curls fell out in about 2 hours. I decided to do them on damp hair so that when it dried it would have more definition and maybe the waves would stay in longer. This time I sprayed each section with a little water to dampen it and I just put Vaseline on it. This is how it turned out.

One side is sorta tight and the other side is sorta loose. I know what I did to get each side to look the way it did so the ext time maybe it will look right.

I have to say this is the best I have ever done, so even tho its jacked up Im still proud of ma sayelf!!

Here is my 3rd attempt.

Menu planning thats actually doable.

Has menu planning been your nemesis? It certainly has been mine. I could never for the life of me decide what we were going to have for dinner because I didn't like cooking and that was due in part because the whole ordeal seemed to be a chore ESPECIALLY when I didn't know what I was going to be making for dinner that night.

If you were like me, you visited the net for blogs, searched for pre planned menus, or maybe you even called up your girlfriend and asked her what shes having for dinner that night. Yes, I have done all those things and I still ended up clueless and frustrated.

One day I had an epiphany. I use Google Calendar to plan all the things in life that need to be mapped out so I figured why not plan out what we will be eating from day to day?

I felt like I should have been nominated for a Nobel Prize just for the mere IDEA of it all. Not that making a week long menu hasn't been attempted by me and millions of people before, but not to this level that I'm about to get into.

In Google Calendar, you can set up events to reoccur every day, week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month, year, ect ect ect. What I decided was to do 31 days of menus, and have them all to reoccur once every month. That way, I will have a menu for everyday of the week henceforth and forever more. Not only that, you can set up each meal and send invitations to the event to whomever you choose ie your always hungry family members. Now your husband and children will never have to ask you that dreaded question: "Whats for dinner???" and you will no longer have to look like this: :-I They will receive an email with that days menu listed.

Here's where the hard work comes in. Now you have got to come up with all these menus. Don't panic though! Take your time. It took me 2 weeks to do it. I went to the library and checked out a grand total of 2 cookbooks. I made sure before I took them home that they were full of recipes that I would want to make that had few ingredients. Added to my arsenal was previous meals I had made that me and my family loved and my crock pot. If I had to have instructions for making a particular meal, I typed in the ingredients as well as the instructions in the note portion of the event on the calendar.

If you don't have a Google account I seriously urge you to get one so that you can use the Calendar. Its a life saver and now it makes cooking somewhat enjoyable because the stress of being ignorant of what we are having is gone. An added bonus to it all is that I can now shop according to whats on the menu for the week and that cuts down on the grocery bill.

Since Google allows you to embed your calendar I'm going to let you benefit from that mind numbing, brain twisting work that I went thru for those two weeks and let you see my menu. If it's possible. Good Luck!