Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to Harvest Onion Seeds

If you saw my post on seeds you saw me post a pic of onion seeds and how teeny tiny they are. I thought it would be a BEAST trying to get those things from the seed pod but once I figured it out, its really quite simple.
The seeds will come from this flower looking thing that I will call a seed pod because I wont pretend to know the right term. It will just shoot out from among the greens of your onions. I have some now and they will look like this. They arent all the way in bloom yet in this pic.

These are what the seed pods look like when they are bloomed and dried a bit. I got these seed pods from a local black farmer in my area ( YAY we have at least ONE!!!) and I asked him if I could have them and he cut them off the tops of some onions he was selling and he bagged them up for me. I could see the seeds in the little flower thingies and I tried to take some out by hand but it was cumbersome and time consuming. So, I just left them out to dry to see what happened. Well this pic right here is what happened. The flower petal dried up and reveled the seed inside. All I have to do now is just shake it and the seeds just fall right out.

I just gave the seeds a little shake and out they fell. I had to go inside to do it because the wind was blowing the seeds right out of my hand. Lo and behold today I noticed what looked like an onion growing right beside my back door right against the house!! I looked closer and sho nuff, the little bulb was right on top of the ground. Can you see it?