Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Natural Again....I Guess

Well, as some of you may know I can never make up my mind what to do with my hair. Last time I had all my hair chopped off, wore it in a short short afro, then wore a snazzy relaxed pixie cut, shaved that off and was bald for a while. The baldie was the absolute BEST style EVER.

 Man, do I miss those days. Just get up, let the water from the shower run all over my head, wipe it off with a towel  rub a little grease on it, and GO!! Then when It got to the length on the right I just washed it, put mousse on it, and GO! Cant get no easier than that.

*sigh* Well, it caused quite a ruckus in my house and even though this goes against my every principle, I decided to let it grow back SOME. Not to the lengths of former days, but to my chin maybe. MAYBE.

Will I stay natural? Hmmm....I guess. Yeah. Probably. Perms tear my scalp up too bad. Plus I want a minimal amount of care to be given to my hair. Besides I have 3 other heads to do and I dont want to do them. Im over hair so theres no way I plan to add more hair to the maintenance menu if I can help it.