Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Pothos is Out of Control!

Pothos is a common household plant that is as pretty as it is hardy. It will even grow for people with brown thumbs. You have to basically put this plant in a closet for 6 months and never give it water to even broach killing this one. I bought 2 Pothos hanging baskets from Publix a year and a half ago or so because they were so pretty and I couldnt resist. I hung them in the corners of my kitchen and let em go. They grew and grew and grew. They grew so much they touched the floor 3 times after I cut them back. They grew so much that I was able to fill this pot with the vines that grew from it. As it is a few of them are touching the floor and Im going to have to cut these back too. I really hate to throw any vines away after I cut them, but I have no one to give them to.

The Pothos in my kitchen touched the floor again and when my aunt came over one day she suggested I run them across the wall since I was running out of space for the cuttings. I was like, sure. Why not. So I grabbed some clear thumb tacks and used them to prop the vines up on the wall. Now it looks like Im about to run out of wall space for the Pothos vines. I couldnt even get all of the vines in the picture. These things are growing out of control!  Its a good problem to have though.