Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Chop? Oh yeah. This one was Gargantuan!!

I had been growing my hair out for a long while now. I went from nappy, to texlaxed, to full laxed, from teeny weeny afro to hair down to my waist. You know there was a lot of twists and turns on that road. The latest stop is quite shocking for most people I know. Here is my hair after I had been slowly secretly cutting it back some before I cut it all off.
I really grew my hair out that long to see if it could actually GET that long, you know? Once I knew that I could actually grow it that long, I no longer wanted it anymore. I know that may sound crazy, but its true. I cut it for a few reasons besides that. I have 3 daughters and doing their 3 heads plus trying to manage all that on my head was just too overwhelming for me. SOMEBODY hair was getting cut and I cant cut theirs so.....Then I just wanted something different. My favorite style of mine that I think looks the best on me is a short short cut so the more I thought about it I figured I would just do it.

First I didnt get a relaxer for 6 months and I went into my bathroom and cut all my hair off down to the new growth. Then I went to the barber shop and wore it like this for 6 months or so.

I wore it either a little shorter or sometimes a little longer than this. I just wet it and put mousse on it and rolled out. Of course I got bored with this too so I decided to let it grow out a little bit and be natural with about 5 inches of hair. about midway in I changed my mind and relaxed it and went with this haircut. 

People often ask me if I miss my hair or will I ever grow it back and the answer is no I do not miss all that hair. I am rather enjoying my stress free unwrap in the morning and go hairstyle. I think it suits me better than longer hair. Long hair seems to swallow me up and I need to be set free. Shorter hair makes me look younger too, in my opinion and it suits my personality. Will I ever grow it back? Ahhh, I dont know. I cant ever say what I will or wont do to my hair. My hair is just one big experiment and I cant commit to any concrete style or texture. I do what I feel and right now Im feeling this cut!