Friday, April 6, 2012

Perennials and Bulbs - More Bang for the Buck

I never buy any type of flower that will not come back for me in the spring. I barely any want to take peoples flowers that I know wont come back because once it takes its winters nap, I want it to wake up again, not lay down in perpetual sleep. Thats why you should always buy perennial flowers, not annuals. Annuals only live one season and die, never to return. However perennials and bulbs just keep coming back every year even bigger and better. Take my elephant ears in this pot. I dug up a few bulbs out of my grandmothers back yard last summer and put them in 4 different places in my yard. When fall hit, they died but look at them now. They have made a come back and they will keep coming back and multiplying so you can spread some  love by giving some to someone else or put more bulbs in different locations. Those hydrangea bushes turn to sticks in fall and winter, but its early April and all the leaves are already back. These bushes look good on their own but good LAWD they are GORGEOUS when the flowers bloom!! I have no idea what those orange flowers are. I just bought them a few years back because they were perennials and there were no more at Lowes that caught my eye that day and like I said, I just CANNOT buy annuals.

These pretty purple plants around my mailbox are called Wandering Dew. You have to actually try to kill these for them to die, and even still they may stick around. They just keep growing and growing. These plants seemed to be non-existent a couple weeks ago and now look. They already look good to only have been back a couple weeks. Im sure in another week or two they will flower. They have the cutest little purple flowers on them and to replant these all you have to do is just pull and replant and they will multiply for even more that will keep coming back year after year.