Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sebastian Potion #9 - My new best friend

 My hair has been suffering b/c of lack of care. Yeah I know. Bad me! LOL! Hair has been very low on the priority list as of late, but now Im back on the grind.

My hair has been feeling a little weak so I did an Aphogee Treatment. Since my hair is so long, I was afraid to let it hang down my back and totally dry out, because if you have ever done one of these before you know your hair gets hard as a rock and very brittle and any movement will break your hair off. I was scared that my hair would break between my getting out from under the dryer and getting into the shower so I pulled it in a wrapped around ponytail and pinned it up. It didnt dry all the way b/c I wasnt about to sit under the dryer of 3 hours so the treatment was half done and I got half the results.

Hmmm....whats a girl to do? I dug around in my stash and found some 3 year old Generic Sebastian Potion #9 from Sallys in my closet. I only used this once when I was natural and I didnt know it was a protien treatment. I got happy with it and slathered it on thick and let me tell you, my hair was solid as a rock the next day. Natural hair doesnt really need much protien like relaxed hair does b/c the bonds are not broken down.

Anyway I remembered this experience and decided to get happy and slather a whole lot on my hair and wrap it up in a bun made of twists and went to bed. This morning my hair feels MUCH better and MUCH stronger! I plan on doing the same thing today and my hair should be where I want it to be again.