Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Queeny and The Fam comes to town!

I am hella late in writing about this, but my girl Queeny and her family came to SC back in the summer of 09 and they decided to pay me a visit.

They got here around 2 or so and once Queen made it inside my 3 year old sized her up. Apparently she measured up to my daughters standards so she started talking to her. I dont just mean your average convo either. She was going on and on and on. She proceeded to tell Queen about the ghost that was in me and my husbands bedroom, and how the ducks outside were going to eat her up, and many other colorful, off the wall stories. All we could do was laugh! Meanwhile, Queens 3 daughters and my older daughter and son who are all close in age, retired themselves to my office to play games on my computer.

If you dont know it, my girl Queen loves to cook and bake and me and my husband love to eat, so she throws out there that she wanted to go out to buy stuff to make a cake. Of course I couldnt let her do that. So being the gracious southern bell hostess that I am, what did I do? I sent her to the kitchen to cook dinner with food already on hand! LOL!! Hows that for southern hospitality? If I can recall, Queen cooked rice, cabbage, fried chicken wings, and mac and cheese. It was uuuummm ummm good! Just ask my husband Chris! LOL!

Anyway once she finished cooking ( Lord if my Grandma knew I let this girl come from out of town to visit and I let her cook she would kill me!!) we called the lil ones in from the computer to the kitchen to come and eat. They all sat down to the table and had a merry ole time throwing down on the food.

So after all the food was eaten Chris, Queen, and her husband Thomas, and I all sat around and just chilled. We cracked jokes and told stories and laughed and laughed and laughed! All of our children had a good time playing together too. My oldest daughter is always asking me when they are coming back to visit. Now I really dont like taking pics, but I had to get one of me and my girl.

Of course Thomas wouldnt let me take a pic of him.Why you gotta act like that??? LOL!

He did let me take one of him and Queen tho.

We had so much fun! They live in New Mexico which is a long way from here, but I cant wait for them to come back this way again. If we are ever that way, which will more than likely happen since Chris loves to eat and she loves to cook (LOL!!), we will definitely have to stop thru and visit Queen and The Fam!