Friday, January 8, 2010

My children really say the darndest things

My son, who is only 9, was sitting here whistling the theme music from the Extenz commercial continually because he said he "couldnt get it out of his head."

My 3 year old asked me for some soda and I told her no. She comes back with "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I was fussing at my son and I said something like, I get mad when you...Well my 3 year old proceeds to tell me "Don't get mad, get glad!"

My son heard these people laughing really loud and he said "they must be drunk."

My 3 yr old said she had a headache because her brain was mad at her.

My 3 yr old put 1 ball under her shirt in the middle of her chest and said "Look at me! I got big breasts! I just need one more breast."