Saturday, January 2, 2010


All I can say is wow. Just wow. This movie was awesome!

First off, the imagery was strait eye candy. Im a sucker for forests, trees, flowers, ect and this forest was just beautiful! We saw it in 3D so it made the experience that much better. I honestly dont even have the words to adequately describe the visuals for this movie.

As far as the story line, well it really showed the mentality of those in power as it relates to the indigenous people of the planet and how they view the rights of others and how they dont respect others or the planet we live on. Bottom line.  It was very obvious to me the symbolism of the movie was not very subtle as they called the natives of Pandora "savages" and "blue monkeys." The people of the planet were blue (or people of color) and we all know that the black and native people of this country have been called savages and monkeys. The same fate of Pandora mirrors what has happened to the Native Americans and Africans and all other native people on this planet and unfortunately they have been called similar names. We cannot ignore the similarities of some of the darker people on the planet with the people of Pandora. The Na'vi wore face paint during war and wore feathers in their hair or on their garments ( reminiscent of the Native Americans). The Na'vi also had very prominent features such as large lips as well as large noses and wore braids with beads and other ornaments ( reminiscent of Africans). Im sure you see where Im going with this.

This movie also has the theme of a "white saviour" which as I watched the movie reminded me of movies like Dances With Wolves where a white man comes into a native tribe and learns their ways and thereby becomes one of them. Afterwards in a battle or series of battles, he saves them and becomes the hero. This story has been repeated many times and this author summed it up nicely. I wont repeat it here but again, all this was very obvious with this movie.

All that said, it was still an awesome movie. There were lots of spiritual messages as well. The oneness of God was a major theme. It showed how man, nature and the Creator can and should live in complete harmony with each other and when we do, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. It shows how with unity you can defeat your enemies in the face of apparent insurmountable odds with the backing of God. The movie touches on male/female relationships and how if done properly, it shows how the two can accomplish what they will, together. I could go on and on. Point is, go see it! ;)