Friday, January 1, 2010


I am not one who makes new years resolutions because I never seem to be able to keep them. Instead I declare intentions. I have declared only a few intentions for 2010.

I really dont like cooking. Matter of fact I HATE cooking but heres the dilemma. I LOVE eating. See, if I have to cook, it kills my appetite and I wont want to eat once its done. Weird I know, but it is what it is unfortunately. Then I have this little thing where I a not very good at menu planning. So, here is what I am intending to do. Expand my menu making skills and cook at home more. I spend too much money eating out.

I really need to cut back on my online time. Its gonna be kinda hard since I have to sit in front of the computer teaching my children, but I dont think I have to count that time. Id go insane sitting there being bored to death teaching multiplication tables and climates around the world if I couldnt be on Facebook and reading blogs So, if Im not dong schoolwork I intend to drastically cut back on my online time.

I have only read about 2 books this year. That is so not me. I usually read about 40-50 books a year so this year I intend to jump back on my book reading. I love reading so much and I miss it so I want to devote more time to reading and cramming my head with thousands of random facts and information.

*le sigh* I have a tendency to be on the negative side. Yeah, I admitted it. Yeah I said it. Now that I got that part out the way, I intend on focusing on the positive aspects of situations and not focus on the negative. I like to call what I do "calling it how I see it" but this year I intend to "see" it in a more positive light.

Above all I intend to be more grateful. God hates those who are ungrateful and I am certainly not that, but i want to express my feelings of gratitude more often than I do. He gives me so much and I could never ever repay Him for what he has done and is doing for e. The LEAST I could do is show more gratitude by expressing it to Him more, and paying it forward by helping others. This year I intend to do just that.

So with that, I say lets get started living life basking in the sunshine of a new year!