Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you scared of the internet?

The World Wide Web. The Information Highway. The Net. These are just a few of the many names that have been coined for the internet, which 15 years ago was virtually an unknown entity, but now millions of people cant do without it.

Its such a great place to get all sorts of info on endless subjects and tips on everything under the sun. Its very educational as well as extremely entertaining.

Yet...its a source of fear as well. The internet seems to be such a big scary place, but I'm wondering if its really any different from "the real world?"

Well lets think this thru, shall we?

We have the idea that if you post your image online that somehow 1 of several things could happen to you.

1. Your image will be stolen and used without your permission.

That is a very good reason to proceed with caution. No matter how well you try to cover your tracks with this one, people can find a way to get your image and post it where they will.

I dont think that people realize that wherever you go, you leave your image behind.

Did you pump gas today? Did you go inside that government building? Have you been out shopping at the mall recently? Did you go to McDonalds for that BigMac? Have you taken a leisurely stroll on the streets of downtown to enjoy the day? Did you need some fast cash and stopped at an ATM?

If you did, you were caught on camera. Someone has access to your image. They could very well alter that image and do with it what they will.

2.If you put your image online, perverts will...have fun with themselves over your pics.

Hmmmm....well, that very well could happen sure enough. But lets think about it for a minute.

Lets say you are walking into your favorite restaurant about to enjoy a delectable meal with a loved one. You are seated, your waiter takes your order and you have such a wonderful time getting stuffed and having some good laughs. All seems uneventful, right? Maybe not.

Your waiter thinks you are sexy and looking good in that outfit. He is so overcome by your charms that later on that night while he is alone he......reminisces over you, MY GOD!!!

You are totally innocent in this, going about your daily life and yet a pervert has had fun over your image. What a notion!

3. If you put your image on the internet, someone will come and get you. Your pic, coupled with a name and they got you!!!!

While I do think there are some very savvy computer geeks out there, somehow I doubt that a sicko with some computer technical skills is gonna cross the world, or even town (if he can somehow find you based on a pic out of the millions of other people out there) to get you.

I could be wrong though.

It seems to me that one should be more afraid of people in the real world grabbing you v/s an unknown, unseen, untouchable person on the internet.

Let me give another scenario.

You are just getting off work after a hard day at the office. You are beat, your feet are killing you and all you have on your mind is a long hot bath. As you are walking to your car parked in the garage someone attacks you. They have been watching your movements all week and they know your routine. Fortunately for you, you have taken many self defense classes and have successfully beaten this person to a bloody pulp.

My question is what is more likely? Some random person on the net getting you, or the random quack walking the streets everyday?

I'd place my bet on the quack that can see me, that can touch me.

Personally, I believe that safety and security should be paramount in todays society. The same holds true for the internet, but more emphasis should be placed in "real world" situations.

If you are afraid to have an "identity" on the internet that includes a pic of you or not, dont get me wrong. I think that is A-OK. Just remember the same security measures employed on the internet should be doubly applied in real life!