Monday, April 8, 2013

Salmon Croquettes

This is also known as Salmon Patties if you're country. LOL!!

These patties are really really tasty if you do them right and in my humble opinion, this recipe is the right way. :)

I use canned salmon. You have to keep in mind though, that if you use canned salmon you should take the skin off and remove the bones and the best way to accomplish this is to carefully separate the chunks of meat so that you can open it up to remove the bones. Its somewhat hard to explain how in words, but when you open it up and slide it out, you have to just look and see what the best way is to remove those bones. You wont die if you dont get them all and you dont even have to remove them, I just prefer to.

After you "clean" your salmon if you choose to add fresh cut veggies. I used red onion, green pepper, and celery Also add 2 eggs ( if you use 2 cans), old bay, pepper, seasoning salt and bread crumbs. The purpose of the bread crumbs is to make the salmon less watery so it will  be easier to form the patties. The eggs is what makes it watery but you absolutely need the eggs to hold the patties together. You will have to gauge how much bread crumbs to add based on how loose or watery your salmon mixture is so add accordingly. Mix all the above together and season to taste. Now just form them into patties and lay them on an olive oil greased pan and put in the over on 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. After about 15 minutes I flipped them over and let them cook on the other side until they were done. You can either eat them plain or add tarter sauce on the side.