Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make a tomato trellis dirt cheap

 I constructed this tomato trellis for a WHOPPING $3.11! Your  average pretty wooden garden trellis will cost you about $15 just to support one plant but this one that I built supports four! Even your wire cages cost a few bucks more than what I paid and that just for the support of one plant.

You want the break down? Sure you do!

I bought three 1x2x8 boards and had them cut the boards at five and a half feet long. Each board cost .75 cents. Then I bought an .86 cent ball of twine and that completed the shopping list. I just went home, nailed the boards together, dug a six inch hole in the ground, and stuck the boards in there and covered them up. I tied the twine around the boards and to a string of twine I tied to the bottom. Now I will train the tomato plants to climb the twine.