Friday, January 29, 2010

Eating out is HIGHLY overrated so Sams, here I come!

I have made a pact with myself that we will not be eating out anymore. That's really saying something coming from the Queen of Eating Out herself since I suck at menu planning and I HATE HATE HATE cooking.

What brought about this 180? Earlier this month me and my fam of 5, well 6 if you count the baby but she wasn't eating, were dining at Carrabbas and the bill came up to be $80. 80 frakin dollars. I was thinking to myself, Self, I could have made 4 meals for the price of this 1 bland tasting, them charging mucho dinero and putting nada on the plate meal. So with that my mind was made up. No more eating out. Period. Its just not worth it. I mean whatt do they think I am, stupid? Like the Queen wouldn't notice that they are cutting corners on how they prepare the food so it don't even taste the same all the while they give you a plate the size of a saucer to make it look like they are being generous with the proportions. Riiiiiiight like I'm falling for that one!

Anyway since I'm now resigned to the kitchen I decided to pay Sams a visit and waddaya know, I spent $181 on food that will last us at least 2 weeks. So even though I cannot STAND cooking, I do feel good about saving money and controlling how it tastes and how much food goes on my plate.