Thursday, January 7, 2010

Actors or just good liars?

I had a random thought today about actors and their craft. It seems like if you are a pathological liar, or one who just loves to lie, you could easily become an Oscar winning actor. Im not trying to downplay what actors do, but lets just be real and look at this thing for what it is.

We pay money for people to lie to us. These people are not who they portray themselves to be on the big or small screen, unless of course if they are playing themselves. So in essence they get paid to lie. The better and more convincing lie you tell, the more jobs you get and the more money you make. Now dont get me wrong, I am an avid movie lover. I love to watch a good movie, but the bare fact is that actors get paid to lie. It makes me wonder if they lie a lot in their personal lives too. Do you just turn off the "lie(acting) switch"? When an Academy Award winning actor gets into arguments with their SO do they wonder if they are being lie too?

This is a VERY random post but this thought or idea ran thru my mind. :-P