Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Importance of a Healthy Self Image

Children form opinions of themselves early in their lives, and that opinion is shaped by the most important people in that child’s life: the parents. It is incumbent that children see themselves in a positive light so that they will not go thru life thinking they are less than, not able to cultivate the best parts of themselves, and accept sub par treatment not only from others outside of themselves, but they will not indulge in behavior that is self destructive.
Most young girls learn from their parents self love and self respect, in particular from the father figure in her life. This man teaches her what is acceptable behavior from other males, he shows her how she should be treated by a man, and he shows her how valuable she is by offering her a certain type of protection only a father can give. If young women do not see the value that God has placed on them by the attitudes and lessons learned at home thru loving and strong parenting, then they will begin to accept disrespect from others all while disrespecting themselves.