Saturday, December 20, 2008

My heart breaks...

My cousin works at a bank. The other day she was telling me that almost every check that she gets to be deposited/cased is an unemployment check.

Well there is this one guy who is a regular customer of hers came thru her line and he looked very sad and let down. She asked him what was the matter.

He told her that this was his very last unemployment check. He had exhausted all his extensions at the unemployment agency and had absolutely no prospects for a job. She said he had een looking non stop for months with no luck at all. He had a wife and children to support with absolutly no money coming in.

When I heard that it really affected me. For the past few weeks my husband has been telling me about massive layoffs he ha heard about, not to mention all the thousands of lay offs thats mentioned on the news.

My heart really breaks for all of these people. What are they going to do? I put myself in this mans place, and I feel a sense of hopelessness and loss. I would really be very afraid of what would become of my family.

Every day I thank God that my husband and I have sources of income in this economic crisis. I pray that people find a solution to unemployment and in the meantime we as a nation, can help President Elect Barack Obama by putting ourselves in a position to qualify for the millions of jobs he hopes to create.

More on that later.......I gotta get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.