Monday, April 1, 2013

Make Your OWN Seasoning Blend

I use chopped veggies in a lot of my meals. Plus lots of recipes actually call for them. Of course you can go to your grocery store and grab a pack of frozen seasoning blend and that will get you by. I used to do this all the time but once I made my OWN blend, I could never go back to that. The fresh vegetables that I cut and even freeze seem to have more flavor. In all honesty, using fresh chopped vegetables do a AMAZING job of flavoring your food all on their own.
It smelled so good!
These veggies are what I typically use in my seasoning blend
Now I have to be honest. It takes about 30 minutes to chop up all these veggies but check out your reward! Just from what is pictured, I got 5 bags of seasoning blend and that was AFTER putting in a heaping helping of it into a soup I was making. I think that was a 30 minutes well spent. :)