Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shoes on or off in the house?

If you are a germaphobe like me and you have carpet in your house then shoes off at the front door should be what you vote for.

Just think about it. You walk around all day in all this filth like car oil, dog pee and doo doo remnants, spit, dirt, grease, grime, ect and this is all on the bottom of your shoe. Then you wear you shoes INSIDE your home and alla that then transfers to your carpet. More than likely you take your shoes off at some point and when you do alla that transfers to your socks/bare feet.

I dont know about you but I dont want alla that on my feet. To take it even farther, when you go lay down in the bed and you have all this outside yuck on the bottom of your feet/socks you bring it to your bed. Ummmm....gross!! If you have any babies who are just beginning to get mobile, they are rolling around on the floors. Do you want your child laying in dog feces remnants? Surely not.

Its Shoes-Off etiquette to have a neat little basket or some other sort place to store socks for your guests. Some people may not want there lil footsies to be on your bare floor so have them some socks to put on.

Thats the least you can do!